Hiram College

I am Hiram because I have the opportunity to try anything.

Hiram has provided me with the opportunity to wear many hats. I am a scholar, an athlete, an actor, a musician, a student leader, and perhaps my favorite, a traveler. I was initially interested in Hiram because of the opportunity to continue my soccer career at the collegiate level and to study biomedical humanities. But it was the summer after my freshman year that my passion for traveling was illuminated. The soccer team took a trip to Costa Rica to compete against local teams and lead a few soccer clinics. Though there were all sorts of gnarly insects there, I only got bit by one: the travel bug. During the spring of my sophomore year, I applied to study Shakespeare in England, Scotland, and Wales. I have always had a soft spot for the theatre, but studying abroad with others who share in the same passion only strengthened my desire to further act upon returning to the states. Little did I know that I would also come back with some of my closest friends. So close, I took my junior year off of soccer to take part in the musical Hiram put on that fall.

My father always told me, “The sting of regret is worse than the sting of rejection.” I now understand the true meaning behind those words. I am not the same person that I was when I came to Hiram. I am smarter, stronger, and dare I say, wiser. By utilizing the opportunities that only Hiram could give me, I  am ready for the future that lies beyond my college years.