Hiram College

I am Hiram because I can make a difference with my voice and with my leadership.

I’ve always been an artist—and that part of me is still integral to who I am—but now I don’t just see the world anymore, I know how to interpret it, change it, and review its change with more methods than a paint brush. Through environmental studies, I’ve learned that everything we say, do, and touch is connected to everything else in some way. Through performing and communicative arts, I’ve learned how to alter my voice and body to convey meaning. I’ve also learned that one can be a strong communicator and still not accurately convey perspectives. Through visual arts, I’ve found a mentor who expects me to pursue my limits and who encourages me to take care of myself and plan for my future. Over my last three and a half years at Hiram, I have managed Crohn’s Disease, planned for a master’s degree, made incredible friends (including the squirrels around campus), and found a church to attend on Sundays, four hours away from my hometown.

At Hiram, I’ve had the opportunity to be a better mentor for others. From being a Resident Assistant to club officer to Vice President of Student Senate, I have found a home where I am comfortable, but never satisfied with settling for mediocre. I now want to solve problems because they intrigue me and challenge me. I want to argue, not fight, and collaborate when I can. I want to make my family proud of the growth I have been exposed to and absorbed as a part of my being. I am Hiram because the people here have made me ready for the world beyond our peaceful hill.

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