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Dear Hiram Friends,

Classes in the 12-week session have recently ended, and students just completed their last finals and turned in their last papers before heading out for the 6-day break between the 12-week and the intensive study program. Based on the dazed looks on their faces, students can use a little down time right now. And while technically speaking the spring season is on the books, right now it seems that winter won’t release its foothold on Northeast Ohio. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal.

As you saw in my announcement earlier this week, the news of Dean Scarborough ’77 and his wife Janice Bini’s record $6 million gift to Hiram fuels the hope and optimism that all of us can use at this moment. The injection of energy into our own Hiram hill ecosystem should be enough to warm the place until the summer sun finally rises. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the details about this record gift at this posting on the Hiram College website

This banner gift illustrates the profound level of commitment that Dean Scarborough has for the future of his alma mater. His financial commitment is matched only by his commitment of time—you may remember that he was voted in as Chairman of the Board of Trustees a mere six months ago.

Jen Schuller, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, and her team shared with me the positive responses they have received in the last few days from alumni regarding this transformational gift. The many emails and Facebook posts exemplify the interest and support that you, as alumni, have for Hiram College.

As we approach Hiram Giving Day on April 30th, I humbly ask that you give whatever large or small treasure you can to Hiram College. I know that many of you do give—in a number of ways—but let’s band together to give whatever we can so that our third Giving Day sets yet another record. Your gifts are not just about helping us set a record, however; they are about helping us turn student hopes and dreams into real-life accomplishments and experiences that many of them never imagined.

Thank you for your continual support.

Your President,

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Lori E. Varlotta