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First-Semester Freshman Course Load

Letting the Outside In

Finding Your Place in Nature is a 15-credit collection of nature-based courses designed to give first-year students a deep understanding of nature and society’s complex relationship with it. Regardless of your major, immerse yourself in nature during your first semester of college, and set the tone for the rest of your new liberal arts experience.

How the Finding Your Place in Nature Program Works

Finding Your Place in Nature is designed for first-year students interested in using their first semester of college to immerse themselves in nature. The program is designed for all majors and undecided first-years—not just those pursuing an environmental studies degree.

By taking this collection of courses, you will:

  • Earn 15 credit hours (a full-semester’s course load)
  • Complete 4 CORE graduation requirements
  • Be one of 30 incoming freshmen taking the same nature-based liberal arts courses all semester

Once you make your Hiram College deposit, you can enroll in the program on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Make My Deposit

Explore the program’s focuses and frequently asked questions below.

Blaze New Trails

Kick off your college education trekking through forests, fields, and rivers by taking this special college of nature-based courses. You will explore and experience the meaning of nature, wildness, and community. Start your new liberal arts experience outside of the classroom at the following locations:

  • Hiram’s nearby J.H. Barrow Biological Field Station
  • Hiram’s remote Northwoods Field Station Michigan’s upper peninsula
  • Natural areas across the region

Be a Change-Maker

The program will prompt you to put everything you learn to work—and help you frame your entire college education with meaningful personal experiences in nature. Use the knowledge and skills you gain in Finding Your Place in Nature to design and build a legacy that connects the Hiram community and campus to its natural environment.

Finding Your Place in Nature FAQs