Hiram College

I am Hiram because Hiram has given me the opportunity to grow.

Originally from California, I knew that moving 2,000 miles away from my family would not be easy. However, when I first stepped onto Hiram’s campus, I knew it would be the school that would change my life. As I began to learn more about myself and become independent, I realized that nursing (my intended major) was not for me. At first I was lost, but with the help of my peers, faculty, professors, and especially my coach, I was able to find my way.

Now an accounting major, I can easily see the many ways that Hiram has helped me grow inside and outside of the classroom. Small class sizes have helped me to learn better and even develop a close relationship with my professors. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the Cheer and STUNT team. My coach has challenged me to not only become a better leader in the sport, but in classes and all the things around campus that I am involved in. I can turn to her for anything, including resumes, applications, cover letters, and even my personal life. I have also had help from Career and Academic Development to help organize and prioritize school work and extracurricular activities. I have participated in events like the Etiquette Dinner, the Student Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the Intercollegiate Ethics Case Competition at Cleveland State, and a Q&A panel for students and family on Experience Hiram Day. In all of the events, I have been able to show what Hiram has shown me so far: a realization that nothing great comes from being comfortable. And let me tell you, I was not comfortable when I first came to Hiram. But, it made me face adversity and go after what I wanted. With all the resources available to me, it pushed me to succeed and be a better person. I am able to speak my mind and show my personality. I am a cheerleader, a Welcome Center staff member, a Terrier Guide, a Funding You Board member, an Orientation Leader, but most of all, I am Hiram.