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Hiram College: a Great Place for California Students

Looking for an affordable college where you can get the classes you need and the personal attention you deserve in a beautiful and safe environment? Hiram College in Northeast Ohio could be the choice for you. There is no better time than your collegiate years to move out of state for a while and try something new and exciting. Hiram College offers a close-knit, safe learning environment. And a new scholarship package makes this ideal private college experience affordable.


The Hiram College California Merit Scholarship is a four-year scholarship package offered to qualified California residents. Aimed at passionate and intellectually curious learners, recipients will have a strong academic record, but consideration is based on more than GPA alone. In fact, this program specifically seeks interesting, well-rounded students who are successful inside and outside the classroom.

With the California Merit Scholarship, tuition, fees, and room and board total just $26,000 each year for the four years it takes to complete a Hiram College degree. We guarantee that your out-of-pocket price stays constant for four years, and that you will be able to take the classes you need to graduate in that time frame!

Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing:

  • You have direct entry into the major of your choice, including nursing, in Fall 2019
  • You need not get on any waitlist for that major
  • Your out-of-pocket price stays constant for all four years, and you can graduate as early as May 2023*
  • Your out-of-pocket degree costs come close or beat most universities in California
  • You receive an iPad Pro for coursework, and you own it if you retain until graduation
  • You are guaranteed to complete an internship, research project, or study away trip
  • Your professors will know you on a personal level
  • Most of your classes will have less than 15 students in them

*graduation dependent on the satisfaction of all graduation requirements.


  • Students will be considered for the California Merit Scholarship if they have:
  • Passed California A-G courses with a C or better; earned a cumulative 3.3 high school GPA
  • Scored 1050 or higher on the SAT or 22 or higher on the ACT
  • Have been involved in at least one of the following:
    • a high school club or organization
    • a high school or community athletic team
    • a high school or regional band, choir and/or theater production
    • community service or volunteer work


Published costs of a hiram college education before the California Merit Scholarship

Tuition and Fees $37,710**
Room and Board $10,290
Total Before $48,000
California Merit Scholarship -$22,000
Total Cost With Merit Scholarship $26,000***

** Based on fall 2019 tuition.

*** Must meet eligibility requirements. Includes room/board/comprehensive fee. 98% of students receive some form of financial aid.

Additional financial aid may be available depending on family resources.



  • The California Merit Scholarship does not include books, personal expenses, transportation or other incidental fees (study abroad, graduation fee, single room, etc.)
  • Students must live on campus for all four years. The scholarship provides for a standard double room with a roommate.
  • The California Merit Scholarship may not be combined with other institutional merit scholarships or affiliation grants.
  • Hiram College Admissions undertakes a holistic application review process. The admission staff considers all applicants for merit scholarships based on academic excellence, extracurricular distinction, personal motivation and character. A separate application is not required.


Today’s college graduates will change jobs ten to fifteen times throughout their career! For this reason, it makes sense to get the type of education that will prepare you to change and adapt. The New Liberal Arts™ at Hiram does exactly that. Our curriculum integrates interdisciplinary study with high-impact experiences and mindful technology to offer you an unparalleled educational experience – one that will help you develop the 21st-century skill set and mindset that employers seek and well-rounded, happy adults covet.

Direct Entry into High-Demand Majors

At Hiram College, you can get into your major of choice, including high-demand programs such as nursing and other health-related fields, criminal justice, and business.

  • Learn more about the New Liberal Arts™ at Hiram College

    Originally from California, I knew that moving 2,000 miles away from my family would not be easy. However, when I first stepped onto Hiram’s campus, I knew it would be the school that would change my life.