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Brandy Schillace Bio

Resurrection Men: Life and death at the limits of tech

Brandy Schillace

Author and historian Brandy Schillace, (skil-a-chay) PhD, works at the intersections of medicine, history, technology, and literature, because our greatest innovations appear where science and story meet. Her recent publications include Death’s Summer Coat (on the cultural practices of death and dying) and Clockwork Futures (a social history of technology)—while her current project explores the bizarre history of head transplant. Brandy also serves as Editor-in-chief of the Medical Humanities Journal, a publication co-owned by the Institute of Medical Ethics and the BMJ (London). Under her leadership, the journal’s mission and purview has expanded, providing for an international conversation around medicine and its engagement with the humanities, social sciences, health policy, and the public. Brandy has delivered keynotes on health, humanities and ethics from New York to Oslo, Oxford to Beijing; she has appeared on Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, the John Fugelsang Show, public radio and various podcasts.  In all her endeavors, Brandy seeks to uncover forgotten stories and unheard voices, the human story behind science and tech.

(N.B. She has been in lots and lots of basements.)