Alumni Executive Board

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The Alumni Executive Board (AEB) members are elected to (up to three consecutive) two-year terms. They meet on campus three times per year and are a working advisory board, specifically to the office of Development & Alumni Relations (Advancement), to offer advice on alumni outreach and engagement that will best support the office’s objectives and the mission of Hiram College. As liaisons between the college and the alumni body, the AEB helps the Advancement office to learn about and understand the needs and opinions of its graduates.

Members are actively involved with the Advancement office’s activities, events, and outreach. The full AEB membership also supports the college by giving to the Hiram Fund in addition to other areas of the college, and many members volunteer in other capacities.

Mission and Objectives of the Hiram College Alumni Executive Board

Article II: Mission and Objectives SECTION A: Mission Statement. The AEB exists to advance the mission of Hiram College by supporting the efforts of the Alumni Relations and Development office. The AEB will strive to strengthen, nourish, and perpetuate the relationship between alumni and the College, and extend the influence of the College and its alumni. SECTION B: Objectives. Members of the AEB seek to fulfill their mission by: 1. Representing and promoting the College’s strategic plan, initiatives, and interests to the public; 2. Strengthening the participation of alumni in planned activities and giving by establishing and cultivating active alumni throughout Ohio, across the country, and internationally; 3. Assisting with the recruitment, recognition, and placement of well-qualified students and alumni; 4. Providing opportunities for social interaction and the celebration of college memories for alumni; 5. Publicizing and promoting the accomplishments of the College, its faculty, students, and alumni; 6. Planning and implementing activities and events that stimulate direct contact between alumni and friends of the College and Hiram students; and 7. Offering an accurate reflection of alumni concerns to college leadership when necessary.

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Alumni Executive Board 2022

Alumni Executive Board Members

Alexander Andrzejewski ’21
Kellee Bacote ’15
Kelvin Beacham ’77
Lawerence “Les” Bennett ’69
Warren Blazy ’04
Michael Brickner ’04
Tria Charnas ’10
Marilyn Cover ’75
Alexandra Dellas ’10
Joseph Dippong ’07
Jared Drummer ’08 – President 2022-24
Lethia Grimes ’95
Grace Heffernan ’10
Andrew Lang ’21
Michael Majetich ’10
Patricia Marbury ’77
Steven Matthews ’71
Danni Lynn McDonald ’19
Melissa Osgood ’02
Mollie Patterson ’10 – Secretary 2022-24
Paul Porter ’07
Kristen (Weidus) Ramsey ’09 – President-Elect 2022-24
Jeffrey Robb ’21
Robert Dickerson Roop ’71
Sarah (Schoenhagen) McFarland ’09
Ryan Stuver ’10
Amy (Btiebet) Washington ’08

Non-Voting Student Representatives

Mackenzie Flaherty ’24
Jade Mongold ’24