Rising Star Award Recipients

Image: Hiram Alumni

The Rising Star Award is presented to one or more alumni and is intended for those with 15 years or less of career experience after leaving Hiram College.   
The award recognizes recent graduates for their achievements after college who are making a notable contribution in their chosen profession or their community and in so doing, has brought honor and recognition to Hiram College. 

David Brian Elkins ’81
Melissa Haswell ’80

Nancy Louise Blum ’75

W. James Hardy ’89

Tina Wallace Bulucea ’80

Jeffrey M. Black ’82

Catherine Martoff Timko ’91

Mark W. Phelps ’91

Mark W. Phelps ’91

Jennifer (Nickel) Rainey ’01

Bethany Stoian ’06

Amanda L. Mehlman ’02

Sandra Lisko ’07

Chad Delaney ’02

Jennie Dennison-Budak ’98

Brandon Gilvin ’98

Michael E. Brickner ’04

Chrissy Stonebraker-Martinez ’10

Lauren LeBlanc ’11

Rodney W. Jacobs, Jr. ’12

John M. Moore ’08

Danae Wolfe ’09

Dontavius Jarrells ’10

Randi L. Clites ’15