Taylor Cook

Taylor Cook ’22

Social Media & Content Marketing Coordinator; Hiram College

Political Science and Communication Double Major

When it comes to having a well-rounded college experience, Taylor Cook ’22 took full advantage. Her time at Hiram was unique as Covid-19 took up the majority of it, although that didn’t deter her from getting involved and participating in the many opportunities Hiram offered her. Cook served as a course assistant, a tour guide for Admissions, a four-year member of Student Senate (including one year as elected President during her senior year), a member of the Stone Soup Co-Op, and was a founding member of the Feminism in Action club.  “One of the most exciting things I did was participate in the Disney College Program,” said Cook. There, Cook worked in merchandise at the Hollywood Studios Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for three months.

In addition to working for Disney, Cook was a two-year member of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership, visited Hiram’s Northwoods Field Station in Michigan twice, and took a study abroad trip to Italy during her final 3-week. “The connections I made at Hiram have helped me along the way,” she said. “I had so many mentors and professors who believed in me and helped me find a career path after college including Jenelle Sanders, the Director of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations. She saw my skills as a student worker in her office and believed in me enough to hire me on as a member of her team after I graduated!”

Cook’s day-to-day is fairly busy as she is a full-time student at Kent State University, pursuing her master’s in media and journalism, on top of working part-time at Hiram. Most days, she starts her mornings in class and her afternoons at Hiram. In the evening, Cook does her coursework and practices self-care by taking walks, reading, or playing with her dogs, Skywalker and Chewbacca. “It seems like everything and nothing has changed since my graduation last year,” said Cook. “I’ve grown so much, and I honestly feel like a different person than when I was a student at Hiram.”

Eventually, Cook would like to work in social media or marketing for the Walt Disney Company, travel to all fifty states, seven continents, and every national park, and be a contestant on Survivor.

Taylor’s advice for prospective students:

“Get out of your comfort zone and get involved. Join clubs, meet people, take campus jobs, and just put yourself out there. I had about a dozen different campus jobs while I was a student and I loved all of them! I just kept trying new things to see what I enjoyed. I met so many people that way and made best friends in places I never thought I would.”