Skye-Forest Baker


Hometown: Middleburg Heights, OH

Psychology and Biomedical Humanities Double Major

“I’m fascinated by all things true crime, which has definitely influenced my career goals,” says Skye-Forest. “My goal is to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and complete postdoctoral training that will ultimately allow me to become a practicing forensic psychologist.”

As a psychology major, Skye-Forest has been enjoying the courses that allow her to get hands on with experiments and data analysis. “I’ve taken many exceptional classes at Hiram, but one of my favorite courses has been Research Design and Analysis,” she says. “The semester-long research project, which involves designing a human behavior study, is the most interesting, in-depth and rewarding assignment I’ve ever completed.”

And it’s not just the classroom experiences that she has found rewarding. Skye-Forest also enjoys attending the campus events that embrace and support Hiram’s student diversity, like the Pride Prom for LGBTQ students and allies. “Although I’m not a ‘dance’ person, I had a fantastic time singing, dancing and enjoying the company of some really great individuals,” she says. “My girlfriend and I were crowned prom queens. It’s a Hiram experience that I will never forget.”