Sarah Schoenhagen

Sarah McFarland ’09

Behavioral Health Case Supervisor, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Neuroscience Major

When Sarah Schoenhagen ’09 was researching which college or university would be the best place for her, she found two good reasons to attend Hiram: “Hiram had a great pre-med/biology program and a great volleyball program.” For Schoenhagen, it was important that she devote time to both her academic pursuits and her love of volleyball. “Being an athlete while pursuing a biology field taught me how to be a leader, how to manage my time effectively, and how to strive to be the best,” she says.

Clearly, the skills she learned as a student-athlete have helped Schoenhagen along her career path. Today, she works as a behavioral health case supervisor for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where she designs behavior intervention plans for autistic children. In particular, Schoenhagen works with children who exhibit moderate to significant maladaptive behaviors, and she trains hospital staff, parents, and caregivers on techniques to de-escalate and reduce these behaviors.

Schoenhagen has prepared for her career through rigorous academic study and certification programs. After completing her degree at Hiram, Schoenhagen went on to earn her master’s in experimental psychology from Morehead State University, and a few years later she earned her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

In addition to the time Schoenhagen spends with her patients, she also finds time to be on the volleyball court. Schoenhagen is a head volleyball coach for the Advancement Academy Volleyball Club, a youth volleyball program in Columbus, Ohio. As a coach and mentor, she is able to share the lessons she learned as a Hiram Terrier.