Ricky Esdel

Ricky Esdel ’24

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Communication Major

“I whole-heartedly believe that I wouldn’t be remotely close to where I am, or who I am, today if it wasn’t for God and my mom,” said Ricky Esdel ’24. When he’s not working as a mailman for the Hiram Service Center, Esdel is listening to music, creating his own beats, and playing board games and video games! “I’m a very competitive person! If it’s an activity that makes me active or gets me moving, I’m down for it, even if it’s bingo!”

Esdel was born in Brooklyn, New York but has been living in Las Vegas, Nevada for most of his life. It was neither the weather nor the state that drew Esdel to attend Hiram. “It was the diversity,” he said. “Going to a school in the middle of nowhere and seeing a diverse campus really makes you feel comfortable, and you want to be able to be comfortable when you choose a college. It has to feel like a second home.”

Along with Hiram’s diverse campus, Esdel is thankful for the close connections he has made with his professors. As a student-athlete and playing on Hiram’s basketball team, most of his professors have been flexible and have assisted him when he’s had questions or concerns with his course load.  Additionally, Esdel is a hands-on learner, and it is important for him to collaborate with a group. “I’ve got to be in the mess of it to know that I’m learning. Group work helps me know what my classmates are thinking and helps me gain new perspectives of what we’re learning.”

Esdel’s college career hasn’t been linear, and he has intentionally dedicated time to strive academically and balance his work and personal life. “I try to live my life with no regrets. Everything is a life lesson and a stepping-stone. Sometimes taking a couple of steps back can lead to a huge leap forward. It’s a warm, lovely feeling when you see not only your progress but others around your progress as well. I sense that feeling a lot at Hiram,” he said.

As a Communication major, Esdel is planning on playing basketball overseas and will eventually work toward becoming a Sports broadcaster for NBA TV or ESPN. On the side, he would like to continue working with his music and DJ for events like Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) or Coachella.

Ricky’s advice for prospective students:

“Do what you want and do it right. You never know who’s watching and what your actions could inspire. Do everything to your full potential and don’t be afraid to mess up. You’re human. It’s ok to mess up as long as you learn from it.”