Hometown: Bucyrus, OH

Art and Design Major

“Get involved and live in the moment,” advises Reece Zeigler ’24 when recounting his years at Hiram. “I have matured a lot and I have gotten better with my time management. I used to procrastinate a lot in high school and my freshman year of college, but with school, work, and sports I have learned to manage my time so I can do all of these and also have time to have fun with friends”

When he’s not competing on Hiram’s Men’s Golf team, Zeigler enjoys art, movies, and video games and is a big fan of watching sports with friends. He currently works for Hiram’s Athletic Department creating graphics for social and media and attends a local church where he plays drums. “I love the atmosphere of Hiram and the small community that we have. I felt like there are a lot of opportunities for me.”

One of Zeigler’s favorite classes has been Digital Imaging as he was introduced to creating sports graphics which is now what he plans on pursuing after graduation. “I’ve always enjoyed art when I was growing up. I love working on a computer and creating digital art,” he says. “My job [on campus] has helped me improve my work and it has given me an opportunity to work on my craft while getting real-world experience.”

Zeigler plans on moving to a big city after graduation, and eventually work for a Division I college or a professional sports program creating graphics.