Michael Majetich

Michael Majetich ’10

Family Physician, Lake Health Physician Group

Biomedical Humanities Major

As a first-generation college student, Michael Majetich was hoping to find a school where he could get individualized attention and not be a face in the crowd. “Upon my first visit to Hiram’s campus, I was immediately drawn in by the sense of community,” says Majetich. Soon after arriving at Hiram, he became involved in many campus activities and student groups, which Majetich says helped to provide him with “a solid CV for applying to medical school.”

After completing his major in biomedical humanities and a minor in chemistry, Majetich earned his degree from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. “My major in biomedical humanities allowed for a great mix of premedical studies and ethics,” he says, and he uses that background regularly in his role as family physician with the Lake Health Physician Group. In practicing osteopathic medicine, Majetich learns about his patients’ overall health, giving them the type of individualized attention he received from his faculty while at Hiram, and he educates his patients on how lifestyle changes can impact current and future health issues.

Majetich hasn’t forgotten about the community he gained during his time as a Hiram student. In fact, while studying at Hiram, he met his future wife, Simone, also a member of the Class of 2010. “My favorite thing about Hiram is its sense of community,” Majetich says. “I was never treated like a number, which helped me to develop and define my sense of self.”