Melissa Osgood

Melissa Osgood ‘02

Assistant Director of Media Relations & Leadership Communication, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Communication Major

While majoring in communication, Melissa Osgood ’02 found that Hiram gave her the experience she needed out of the classroom. “Hiram was a place where ‘why not’ was discovered,” she says. “Want to work in the communications office? Why not; here is a work study for you. Want to intern with Fox 8 in Cleveland? Why not; here is how we will arrange your schedule so you can work in Cleveland three days a week. Want to travel? Why not; here are some options.”

As a student assistant in Hiram’s College Relations Office, Osgood was given various writing assignments, including articles for newsletters and magazines, press releases, and promotional materials. She worked directly with the office’s director to learn about and put into action a communications plan.

After graduating from Hiram, Osgood took her experience and skills into the workplace, serving in positions related to communications and public relations in the New York area. Prior to her current role, Osgood was the corporate communications specialist for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, a position she held for more than eight years.

Today, Osgood spends her days at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University strategizing articles for media outlets and drafting communications pieces for the college’s leadership team. Thanks to her years in the field as a media relations specialist, she has helped the College of Veterinary Medicine achieve national recognition with high-profile articles, like those in The New York Times and Today. When thinking about her time at Hiram and the opportunities she had to gain experience, Osgood is appreciative of the individualized attention she received: “From faculty and staff to colleagues and classmates, everyone seemed to care about you and your success.”