Hometown: Mentor, OH

Political Science Major

Mackenzie found Hiram College after first studying at another Ohio university. When she arrived at Hiram, she knew she had finally found a college with the friendly and open atmosphere she was looking for. “Hiram gave me a sense of security when I walked onto the campus,” she says.

In the political science program, Mackenzie has the opportunity to engage in challenging discourse with her classmates and her professors. “I look forward to incredibly meaningful discussions about the state of our country and what that really means for us as citizens.”

Once she has completed her Hiram degree, Mackenzie intends to use her skills to help her community. “As childish as it may seem, I want to be able to change the world for the better.” By continuing her education after her undergraduate degree and using the connections she’s made through programs like the Garfield Presidency Scholars, Mackenzie plans to become a civil rights lawyer to help those in need.

“Transferring to Hiram College was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life thus far.”