Lindsey Cromes

Lindsey Wilson Cromes ’07


Biology and Theatre Major

For Lindsey Cromes ’07, it was immediately clear that Hiram College was a place of community and a higher education institution that not only fostered learning, but also personal growth. As a biology and theatre double major, Cromes came to Hiram knowing that she wouldn’t be isolated in a biology bubble, rather she would be able to participate in theatre productions, work in a research lab, be involved in a variety of student groups, and experience multiple study abroad programs.

Following her time at Hiram, Cromes obtained her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University. She began her career working at a clinic that she planned to buy and manage long-term. However, she ultimately decided to focus on her family and transitioned to a larger practice to work with and learn from other doctors. Currently, she is an associate veterinarian at Stow-Kent Animal Hospital, a small animal general practice clinic in Stow, Ohio.

Solving complex problems is something that Cromes does regularly as a veterinarian and she is thankful that Hiram helped her develop the critical thinking skills to do so. “I remember sitting in groups in class working through complex problems, with professors who were there to help if you needed it,” says Cromes. “We weren’t judged by multiple choice tests, but rather our ability to solve difficult questions. In theater I learned how to understand where people are coming from––what might make them joyful, anxious, or sad. These interpersonal skills help me be a better doctor.”

For Cromes, being a veterinarian is about much more than caring for animals, it’s about building a community with her clients. That’s something Hiram instilled in her.