Kacey Whistler

Kacey Whistler ’24

Hometown: Canfield, OH

Biomedical Humanities and Psychology Double Major

“My life goal is to somehow make a difference by helping others,” says Kacey Whistler ’24. “I love that Hiram gives me opportunities to do that!” When she’s not cozying up with a book, hanging out with friends, or tutoring students, Whistler participates in the ice-skating club, Presence and Respect for Youth Sexual Minorities (PRYSM), and serves as founder and club president for Hiram’s Dungeons and Dragons club. “I love working with these groups to help better our campus and the overall living environment! Being a part of something bigger is hugely important to me and clubs like PRYSM help me do so,” says Whistler.

Whistler came across a Hiram College pamphlet tucked away among other offered college brochures at her High School and knew as soon as she read about the College, that she wanted to attend. She says, “As a person with a disability, finding a smaller, more personal school was a top priority for me as I knew this is how I worked best.” Aside from the close connections with faculty and staff, what encouraged Whistler to attend Hiram was her financial aid package. “Hiram worked with me to give me the best price possible by providing me with as many grants and scholarships as I could get,” she says.

Attending college at Hiram has allowed Whistler to feel comfortable speaking her mind and working with others. One of her favorite classes she has taken so far is “Feminists or Color” with Dr. Yoshizaki-Gibbons, and through this course, Whistler discovered the many societal concerns and gained insight on how to help. She says, “I had the opportunity to speak my mind and participate in discourse with others on really important societal issues.” As a freshman and an introvert, Whistler was reluctant to try new things or even meet new people. However, she felt extremely welcomed and accepted by those in the Hiram community that worked to help her be more social. “While I am still very shy, I have been able to discover more about who I am,” she says.

Whistler plans on attending grad school in pursuit of either psychology, biomedical humanities, or even both! “I know with both of my majors, I’ll be able to make a difference,” says Whistler. “Once I complete my schooling, I hope to find a job that I enjoy and can use to support me and my family.”