Jacob Carleton

Jacob Carleton ’24

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Criminal Justice and Psychology Double Major

Between serving as captain of the men’s swim team and performing on stage, Jacob Carleton ’24 enjoys being physically and socially active. “I have enjoyed the swim team so much because it has given me the largest network of friends I have on campus, as well as helped me maintain a good schedule, a healthy body, and a high level of discipline and accountability. I enjoy being physically active and interacting with others, and the team has given me the ability to satisfy both of those aspects,” said Carleton.

Hiram’s atmosphere resonated with Carleton when looking for a college and the close connections he has made with his professors have helped him manage his busy schedule. “The curriculum and how it is implemented made the content easy to take in and remember as well as ensure that the content I am learning is interesting and related to my interests and career path,” said Carleton. “I especially like the 12–3 plan at Hiram.” With aspirations of working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Carleton plans on earning his doctorate in psychology and becoming a clinical psychologist. “I have a much clearer path that I intend to follow in pursuit of my ideal career than I did when I first started at Hiram. I have also developed my skills and routines of studying and writing to become much more efficient and successful in my academics.”

Jacob’s advice for prospective students:

“Study enough to be successful but be sure to enjoy your time in school; it really does go by quickly. There’s no need to be in a hurry to graduate, so be sure to do things you want to do outside of class. This is also the time to take some risks and step out of your comfort zone!”