elena rinaldi ’24

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

Art and Design Major

Elena Rinaldi is an Art and Design Major with aspirations to help children understand the value of art. She loves to read and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi chi, Sigma Alpha, and the Hiram College Swim Team. Some of her favorite classes thus far have been her art classes and psychology classes like Abnormal Psychology. 

Elena notes some of her favorite experiences at Hiram came from her time on the swim team. Athletics at Hiram provide tight knit bonds and lasting memories. She also mentioned that her time spent studying abroad in Italy was specially memorable. Her most recently binged tv show was Percy Jackson and the Olympians. One song that heavy in her rotation is Pretty Girls by Renee Rapp and her favorite food is tacos! “Some of my best experiences come from my time on the swim team, traveling together and winning meets. Also my time studying abroad in Italy,” Elena said. 

Elena describes Hiram as small, friendly, and quiet. She said, “If you love small classes and a calm quite campus this is perfect for you, its a welcoming community and it really positive for those who excel in small environments this is the best school for you.”