Danae Wolfe

Danae Bussinger Wolfe ’09

Program and Product Design Lead, The Ohio State University Extension

Environmental Studies Major

“During my freshman year at Hiram, I had no idea what major I would declare,” says Danae Wolfe ’09. Since graduating from Hiram College, Wolfe has gone on to pursue both her professional aspirations and her personal interests in a big way. Working at The Ohio State University Extension, she relies on her skills in storytelling to help colleagues develop and deliver impactful community education programs on issues both local and global.

In her personal life, Wolfe pursues her passion in conservation, which she found at Hiram. While taking a course in environmental studies (a course outside of her intended major), she discovered her love not just for the environment but also for teaching others. Shortly after graduating from Hiram, Wolfe began her own initiative, Chasing Bugs, in which she educates communities on the importance of conversation while also embracing her hobby of photography. Wolfe has specialized in macro portraits to tell the story of insects and their place in the ecosystem. She has completed her first documentary, also titled Chasing Bugs, and delivered a presentation at TEDxColumbus titled “Why we need bugs.”

“It’s okay to not have your entire life or career planned out your first year at Hiram,” says Wolfe. “The beauty of the liberal arts degree is your ability to explore many areas of interest before taking a deeper dive into your major and minor areas of study. Embrace the unknown, and don’t be afraid to explore what interests you!”