Ashley Rutkowski

ashley rutkowski ’24

Hometown: Middlefield, OH

Management Major, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Minor

Ashley Rutkowski who is a native of Middlefield, OH, is a student at Hiram College. She plans on majoring in Management with minors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She chose Hiram for its close proximity to home and the opportunity to pursue her academic interests while being a college athlete. She shows great appreciation for the small campus community and close connections with professors, describing them as mentors who have supported her academically and professionally. 

As a student-athlete involved in Cheer & STUNT, Ashley also engages in various organizations such as Eclectic Scholars, High-Performance Program, and Alpha Zeta Theta Sorority. Beyond her athletic endeavors, she is passionate about supporting women and is currently conducting research to improve women’s experiences in the corporate world. 

Her career goals include pursuing an MBA to advance into management and leadership roles. She values continuous improvement, particularly in her leadership skills, which she actively develops through communication and taking on new responsibilities. Her favorite experiences at Hiram revolve around working closely with professors, which led to valuable internships and research opportunities that bridged classroom knowledge with real-world applications. 

She describes Hiram’s culture as community-oriented, encouraging, and challenging. Ashley advises prospective students to explore the campus thoroughly, highlighting the diverse opportunities available for engagement. Through her four years at Hiram, Ashley has found a home where she fits into the campus community while standing out as an individual, thanks to the unwavering support from academic mentors, athletic staff, and the tight-knit campus environment. 

Ashley’s advice for prospective students: “Hiram is the full package for me. The opportunity to be a part of college athletics paired alongside the support that I’ve received in the classroom was enough to sell me. Hiram does have many opportunities to get to know campus before making a decision. You can speak to a professor or coach, sit in a class, take a tour, stay overnight, and more! Check out Hiram Admissions.”