Amy Washington


Executive Director, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Northeast Ohio

English Major

“When I first toured Hiram’s campus, I immediately felt at home,” remarks Amy Btiebet-Washington ’08. “The close-knit, friendly, and diverse community provided comfort that I had never felt before.” It wasn’t just the campus environment that Btiebet-Washington appreciated while a student at Hiram. In her studies, she was exposed to a wide range of academic topics. Although she had a passion for English, which she majored in, she clearly enjoyed an interdisciplinary study of many disciplines, ultimately preparing her for her career path ahead.

Following her graduation from Hiram, Btiebet-Washington then attended Miami University to earn her master’s degree in higher education/higher education administration. Shortly afterward, she accepted a position with Open Doors Academy, an academic and leadership program in the Cleveland area for at-risk youth. While at Open Doors, Btiebet-Washington served many roles and rose to the position of chief program officer, overseeing the academy’s strategic vision and initiatives in education.

In 2018, Btiebet-Washington began to pursue a matter of personal importance to her at the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Northeast Ohio Chapter. As the executive director at the foundation, she guides the organization in their goals to find cures for Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis while also furthering support for patients.

By engaging in interdisciplinary study and gaining a familiarity with broad areas of study, Btiebet-Washington has been able to work in fields of education, leadership, scientific research, and advocacy. She also feels that the time she spent with her fellow students continues to have an impact today. “I was encouraged to become involved on campus and met a very diverse network of people that I continue to connect with in my current career.”