Alina Millie

Alina Mille ’18

Physical Therapist, Phoenix Physical Therapy

Integrative Exercise Science Major

When patients come to see Alina Mille for physical therapy, they leave having had a unique experience. Mille, who graduated in 2018 with a major in integrative exercise science, likes to keep her sessions interesting by engaging with her patients on a personal level. “Getting to talk and interact with my patients is what I enjoy most about my work,” says Mille. “My favorite question to ask my patients is ‘What’s for dinner?’ since I am always hungry.”

Mille also keeps her sessions at Phoenix Physical Therapy fun by developing exercises unique for each of her patients. As a former member of the women’s soccer team at Hiram, she knows that physical exercise can have a “de-stressing” effect, and she tries to share that experience with her patients. When she’s not at work, Mille keeps in mind the importance of exercise for herself, too. “In my free time, I like to do outdoor activities — like running, biking, kayaking, and walking the dogs!” she says.

After Mille graduated from Hiram, she began working on her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. As part of the program, she completed clinicals in metropolitan areas of Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo. While she found the program challenging, she also felt prepared: “Hiram gave me the tools to learn how to be adaptable and manage my time. I feel like these are the two most important things in life in general, throughout college, and at my current work.”

Mille is grateful for what she gained at Hiram both academically and personally. She met her fiancé at the College, and together they’ve built a home for themselves and their two dogs and one cat. “Enjoy the time you have at Hiram,” she recommends. “It still feels like home, and I miss it very much!”