Image: Student studying at the library

Student REsources

The new Student Resource Fund helps current students weather this crisis. It also helps college officials reach out and stay connected to prospective students—none of whom can personally meet with faculty, sit in on a face-to-face class, visit the campus, or engage in events that are critical to new student recruitment.

The Student Resource Fund addresses the needs of current and prospective students, such as:

  • Food Insecurity due to their own and their family’s reduced work hours;
  • Travel resources that allow them to move back to their families;
  • Resources to store belonging at or near Hiram so that they do not need to haul them back on short notice;
  • Ability to pay last installment or two of this year’s tuition;
  • Ability to come up with deposits for next year;
  • Health supplies; and
  • Prospective students—Ability to learn more about Hiram via remote programs, communication efforts, etc. that will allow them to discern if Hiram is the best choice for them.

All gifts made to the Student Resource Fund will be DOUBLED up to a total of $75,000 through June 30, 2020 thanks to matching gifts from Larry and Joyce DeYoung ’69/’69 and an anonymous donor.