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Student Resource Fund

The Financial Aid Office is available to assist students and their family that are in need of financial support due to lost income or unexpected expenses due to COVID-19.

Thanks to generous donors, we have established the Student Resource Fund, which provides financial assistance to students that have been impacted by COVID-19 for expenses such as housing, food, travel, tuition assistance, books and supplies, just to name a few. If you or your family find that you are need of assistance, please complete the Student Resource Fund application.

If you or your family have experienced a loss of income or incurred large medical costs, please reach out to your financial aid counselor to see determine whether your financial aid application should be reevaluated for a Special Circumstance to reflect your current financial circumstances.

Applying for Financial Aid and Eligibility

Hiram College Financial Aid Handbook and Award Guides

General Documents

Special Circumstances

If you have special circumstances that are not reflected on your FAFSA, we want to know about it. We want to make sure that you are receiving the most financial aid for which you are eligible. Below are two ways in which financial aid eligibility can be re-evaluated. 

  1. Family Contribution Appeal Request (Special Circumstance) can be completed if the information reported on your FAFSA does not accurately reflect your family’s financial situation or if there have been changes to your family’s income. This process is completed online, along with the submission of the supporting documentation. Once logged into our online portal, the student will begin the process by clicking “Request” and then selecting “PJ EFC Recalculation Appeal”.
  2. Dependency Override Request can be completed if the student is currently considered a dependent student (as determined by Step 3 of the FAFSA), but believe there are extenuating circumstances that may qualify him/her to be considered an independent student. You should discuss your situation with your financial aid counselor to find out how to submit this request and what documentation will be needed.

Please note: none of the following circumstances qualify for a dependency override:

    • Parents refuse to contribute to your education;
    • Parents are unwilling to provide information on your FAFSA;
    • Parents do not claim you as a dependent for tax purposes; or
    • You demonstrate total self-sufficiency.

Terrier Cash/Triple D request

If your financial aid exceeds your semester charges, you can use some of this excess aid to help pay for books in the bookstore or purchase one of the dining options available to commuters.  To utilize this option, log into your eBill via the Student Portal and click on “eBill”.  Once there, enter the current semester and in the upper right hand corner, click on “Terrier Cash/Triple D Request Form”. (Please note: you will need your Hiram user name and password to access the Student Portal.  Any problems with accessing Student Portal should be sent to the Dray Computer Center Help Desk at 330.569.5313).

Other Financial Aid Links

Student Employment

Whether you have been awarded work-study or not, you are able to work on-campus. To locate jobs on-campus and in the surrounding community, log-on to Student Job Central via the Student Portal and clicking on “My Hiram” at the top of the page.