Hiram College

Using the link below, you will be able to enter basic data about you and your family and get an estimate of the grant/scholarship assistance available to you. This is only an estimate and does not, in any way, represent a final determination or actual award of financial aid and is not a guarantee that the amount listed will be what you are eligible for at Hiram College.  Awarding policies change from year to, so the estimate does not take into consideration the awarding policies for the upcoming year or additional resources available to you.

One note about the “Estimated Net Price” and “Estimated total price of attendance” that you will receive at the end of the Net Price Calculator.  The “Estimated Total Price of Attendance” includes things that you will not be directly billed for from Hiram College, but are part of the overall cost of attending any institution of higher education: books and supplies, personal expenses, transportation, etc.  These items are out-of-pocket expenses and can vary from student to student.