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Looking for a place rooted in tradition yet focused on the future? Founded in 1850, Hiram College is a liberal arts college with a proud heritage of educational innovation and excellence. It's a place where you can be you as you set your own course for the future. Visit our campus to learn more!

Due to recent disruptions at ACT and SAT testing centers, Hiram College is waiving the standardized test score requirement for students to be considered for admission through Fall 2021. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Hiram College has re-evaluated what is important and what we can do to meet the needs of students—from keeping our campus open and offering meaningful and engaging classes on campus, to trying to keep some “normalcy” in such an uncertain environment.

How we adjusted in the Spring 2020:

  • In Fall 2017, Hiram College launched Tech and Trek™ and became one of just a few universities in the country to have a campus-wide, 1:1 mobile technology program.  The program, which equips all students, faculty, and staff with iPad bundles, gave us the opportunity to provide an almost seamless transition to remote learning.
  • Hiram is a close-knit community. Our faculty know each and their students by name and they are making sure that our students don’t miss a beat.
  • We kept our campus open for students who needed it. For some students, staying at Hiram was simply the safest option. We continue to provide them a safe living environment and meals while they complete their courses.
  • Our Student Affairs staff continues to offer self-care tips and activities for students to stay involved.

How we adjusted for our incoming students for the Fall 2020:

  • We have kept our campus open and we keep offering in person classes. We continue to provide to our students a safe living environment and meals while they complete their courses. 
  • Due to recent disruptions at ACT and SAT testing centers, Hiram College is waiving the standardized test score requirement for students to be considered for Fall 2021 admission.
  • The May 1 decision deadline has been extended to June 1.
  • Picking the right school is all about finding the right fit and feel. We are offering interactive virtual visits and tours along with our individual on-campus visit options. Sign Up Today! You’ll get to know us, and let us get to know you. 

Hiram College will continue to evaluate students holistically, considering the multiple aspects of what our students bring to the table. It is always our goal to get to know every incoming learner, and this remains as true now as ever.

Hiram’s administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated and more determined than ever to provide students with an excellent education in a safe and caring environment. Since 1850, we have experienced many trying times in this country and the world. We have always pulled through, and we will get through this together. We are here for you.

right to free expression

Hiram College’s mission includes fostering social responsibility in its students and providing them with tools to face the urgent challenges of the times. Some of the most important tools through which to face challenges are open discussion, debate, and dialogue and the free exchange of ideas on public issues. Thus, the College affirms every student’s right to free expression and will not penalize any students—prospective, current, or former—for engaging in peaceful and respectful expressions of the views they hold.

The Hiram College Office of Admission fully supports the individual right to peacefully protest. Please know that the participation in or the support of a movement such as Black Lives Matter will not negatively impact admission decisions at the College. In fact, we applaud those who are exercising their right to speak in events and activities throughout the country and the world.

The Hiram College mission statement clearly states our commitment to link classroom learning with real life experiences. Indeed, that mission calls us to prepare our students to face the “urgent challenges of the times.” The issues underscored by the Black Lives Matter movement constitute many of the urgent challenges of today. At Hiram, we expect our curricular and co-curricular programs to not only help students “face” these challenges but to be a part of the force that works to remedy them.

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