Hiram College

The Hiram College Tuition Guarantee applies to all full-time traditional students who entered in 2019 or earlier, and has been phased out. This page is for those students’ informational purposes. In place of the Guarantee is something much more exciting: Hiram’s Learn More, Earn More, Spend Less model. All full time students in the Traditional College now enjoy a dramatically lower tuition and fee price, can attend two summer classes every year for free, and access dozens of new paid internships. Check it out!

What’s Included With These Changes

Tuition Guarantee

For students who came to Hiram under the Tuition Guarantee



Does the Guarantee cover all costs?

No. While the guarantee freezes the cost of tuition, which accounts for approximately 80 percent of college costs for a residential student, it does not freeze every single expense. For example, the costs of your room, meal options and textbooks may fluctuate over the course of your time here.

How does financial aid figure into the whole picture?

As is the case at all institutions of higher education, students at Hiram must apply for financial aid each year. If your family experiences major changes related to income, family size, and/or the number of family members attending college that year, the amount of aid for which you are eligible may also change. You should also be aware that a financial aid package may include various types of aid such as grants, loans, work-study allotments, etc. The percentage of these components may also change from year to year, so be sure to know what your specific package includes. If you have questions, that is normal. The Financial Aid Office at Hiram College can help you answer any questions you have.

How do Hiram’s costs compare to other colleges?

With its Learn More, Earn More, Spend Less model, Hiram is one of the best priced colleges in the entire region. When you add two free summer courses and access to paid internships, Hiram offers a truly outstanding value.