Hiram College

The Hiram College Tuition Guarantee

With the Hiram College Tuition Guarantee, incoming freshmen are assured that the cost they pay for tuition in their first year remains frozen through their sophomore, junior and senior year.

Guarantees like this are few and far between. Think about it: In what other parts of your life can you register for a high-quality service or experience today and be assured that the price you pay today will be the same one you pay in 2019?

Why is the guarantee so important and so special?

Over a five-year academic period, between 2010-2011 and 2015-2016, students at private colleges saw an approximate tuition increase of 10.2 percent. Their peers at public institutions saw an even higher average increase of 11.9 percent. That adds up to thousands of dollars on top of the initial tuition price. Few students and families can adjust to that level of increase, and at Hiram you won’t need to.

When does the Guarantee start?

As soon as you are accepted into Hiram College and make your deposit, you are covered by the Hiram College Tuition Guarantee.

Can I ever lose the Tuition Guarantee?

If you need to take a leave of absence from Hiram for one semester, you can return at the same level of tuition at which you started. If you are gone for more than one semester, however, the tuition you pay upon your return will be at a higher level than the one at which you left. Remember, most Hiram students graduate within four years of enrolling, and this policy is designed as an additional incentive to help you meet that four-year goal.

Is this type of Guarantee common?

From our perspective, not really. But go ahead and ask around to see which other colleges and universities have a program like this one. While you are asking about the tuition guarantee, you might want to ask about the graduation rate as well. Did you know that at more and more colleges and universities a five- or even six-year graduation rate is becoming the norm? Think about the extra cost in those scenarios!



Does the Guarantee cover all costs?

No. While the guarantee freezes the cost of tuition, which accounts for approximately 80 percent of college costs for a residential student, it does not freeze every single expense. For example, the costs of your room, meal options and textbooks may fluctuate over the course of your time here.

How does financial aid figure into the whole picture?

As is the case at all institutions of higher education, students at Hiram must apply for financial aid each year. If your family experiences major changes related to income, family size, and/or the number of family members attending college that year, the amount of aid for which you are eligible may also change. You should also be aware that a financial aid package may include various types of aid such as grants, loans, work-study allotments, etc. The percentage of these components may also change from year to year, so be sure to know what your specific package includes. If you have questions, that is normal. The Financial Aid Office at Hiram College can help you answer any questions you have.

How do Hiram’s costs compare to other colleges?

Tuition at Hiram is among the lowest of the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) schools, the athletic conference in which Hiram competes. That means Hiram’s costs are lower than Wooster, Allegheny, Earlham, Wittenberg, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, Denison and Kenyon – all first-rate schools. Also, Hiram’s typical financial aid package is comparable to that offered by those colleges.