Hiram College

Transferring to Hiram: Victoria's Story

For as long as Victoria Reyes can remember, she wanted to be a nurse. The calling led her from her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, California to Hiram to pursue a nursing degree.

“Nursing is the most impacted major in the state of California. Programs are very, very competitive,” says Reyes, noting that of the 700 or 800 applicants who typically apply for admission to California college BSN programs, only 20 to 30 are accepted. Consequently, while attending California State University, Channel Islands, Reyes looked beyond her home state to Hiram College where she is now a third-year student.

“I first came here for the nursing open house and I loved it,” she says.

Victoria says she intentionally sought a small college where she could immerse herself in her studies. “When I came here, I found it was really small,” says Victoria, who adds that she was pleasantly surprised.

Victoria describes the Hiram community as very friendly and approachable. She points to the time when she and her mother traveled to Hiram for a nursing open house. After the event, Nursing Program Director Connie Stopper, Ph.D., extended herself to the pair and offered to review the curriculum and explain what Victoria could expect if she decided to pursue her nursing degree at Hiram.

“My mom wanted to cry,” says Victoria, explaining how overwhelmed her mother was by the gesture. “I still have a lot of contact with Dr. Stopper and Chris (Nursing Program Assistant Christina Roth, M.S.N., R.N.).  Nothing changed once I got here.”

Hiram’s welcoming surroundings and rigorous classes leave no room for homesickness, adds Victoria. “It wasn’t hard at all for me to transition from California to here,” she says.

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