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Transferring to Hiram: Robert's Story

Thinking about transferring to Hiram? Learn how your current credits will transfer over.

Robert O’Toole, Brooklyn, New York

robertAfter trying out two other very different schools, Robert decided to take a chance on Hiram College.

His first school was close to home, which he traded for a larger state school on round two. But the culture of the large state school was jarring and caused him to give up one of his passions: baseball.

Before his campus visit, Hiram was a complete mystery to almost anyone Robert had encountered at his previous universities, but, it was the caring words of Hiram’s baseball coach that got Robert to take a chance and come for a visit.

Robert’s visit was unforgettable. Hiram’s campus was covered in snow, not an unusual occurrence for January and February. Despite the cold temperatures, Robert couldn’t help but notice the warmth of everyone he encountered.

His tour, given by a fellow baseball player, contained more smiles and hellos from virtual strangers than he had ever experienced at his two other schools combined. When touring the academic buildings, Robert noticed the size of the classrooms. His previous schools had boasted low faculty to student ratios while students there still encountered popular courses with enrollments of two hundred or three hundred students. Simply put, the classrooms at Hiram “could not fit more than thirty.”

With a healthy dose of pessimism, Robert had a hard time believing everything he saw on the tour. He decided to visit again without going through a formal tour where he “experienced the same genuineness.”

“This quickly put Hiram in the number one spot,” Robert said.

Since enrolling, Robert has continued to appreciate his decision to come to Hiram. The constant flow of new construction makes him feel that his tuition dollars are being put to good work. His faculty advisers have helped him keep on track toward graduation, lifting that burden from his shoulders. However, advisers do more than just track coursework; they care deeply about their students, even coming in on Easter Sunday to lead a study session. This is what a Hiram education can do for you.

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