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Transferring to Hiram: Pat's Story

Thinking about transferring to Hiram? Learn how your current credits will transfer over.

Pat Cozzens, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

pat cozzens

Pat grew up near Hiram College’s campus, in Chagrin Falls. But when it came time to pick a college, he decided to try going to school in an urban environment far from home.

After his first year, Pat realized he missed his younger brothers and sisters. He wanted to be able to watch their athletic competitions, which was hard from more than four hours away. Believe it or not, he even missed his parents, too. The decision for him to transfer was not easy, as he had made close friends during his first year.

The switch to the smaller environment allowed Pat to pursue a passion that he had let go: football. The larger urban university that he attended did not allow folks to walk on to the team. At Hiram, he found that he could reignite his excitement for playing football.

When Pat arrived on Hiram’s campus, he experienced a culture shock. Having adjusted to class sizes of two hundred, three hundred, or even larger, Pat did not know what to do when a professor knew him by name and noticed when he missed class.

“Professors will see you on campus,” he said. “They will make an effort to reach out to you if they think that you are struggling in their course.”

This personalized attention in the classroom and small class sizes have helped Pat succeed academically. Classes are challenging, but professors are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you grasp material. Both faculty and staff are friendly and determined to see students succeed. Pat is glad that courses are harder because it prepares you for the challenges you will face in the real world.

Beyond academics, Pat has fallen in love with the Hiram community.

“It’s like living in a family,” he said. “Someone will say ‘hi’ to you even if they don’t know you.”

Does Pat’s story sound familiar? Maybe Hiram College should be in your future. For additional information about transfer admission, please click here.