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Transferring to Hiram: Nikki's Story

Thinking about transferring to Hiram? Learn how your current credits will transfer over.

Nikki Pueyo-Svoboda, California

nikkiNikki graduated from high school in 2009 and started at a junior college because she did not know exactly what she wanted to do.  Being a people person, she always knew that she would want to do something where people to people interaction was a major part.  Originally, she considered being a dermatologist.

But upon further reflection, she realized that many of her best moments in the doctor’s office were not with the medical doctor.  The nurses seemed to provide the compassionate care that Nikki craved and wanted to impart to others.

She began coursework at a junior college, where she could earn an associate’s degree in nursing.  After a semester, a friend’s mom explained to Nikki the importance of receiving a bachelor’s degree, prompting her to begin to search for a place where she could earn her bachelor of science in nursing.

Her search to find the perfect college did not start off well.  She wanted to stay in California, but quickly discovered the difficulties of getting into such programs.  Often, the schools were working to bring in classes for two years from now.  She broadened her search to include other states.  This, in turn, led to fears of application materials arriving safely to their destination since they had to travel so many miles.

As Nikki called places to confirm her application materials, two things really stood out about Hiram.  The first was the staff; her friendly admission counselor knew her file without having to pull it and worked with her to transfer more than 60 credit hours.  The second major attraction was the direct entry into the nursing program; she would not have to apply once to the college and then again to the nursing program.

Nikki arrived on campus without ever visiting, as it’s hard to get from California to Ohio multiple times throughout the year.  Here, she discovered engaging courses where the professors really cared.

“Last week, one of my professors had rhonchi (noises that come from the lungs), she said.  “She let us all take out our stethoscopes and listen to her lungs.  Hiram puts an effort into teaching us as much as possible.”

We wish Nikki the best of luck this semester as she begins her clinical rotations.

Does Nikki’s story sound familiar?  Maybe Hiram College should be in your future. For additional information about transfer admission, please click here.