Hiram College

What makes Hiram distinctive?


There are many things, but the following six features are standouts:

  • Faculty: Hiram faculty members are more than just master educators. They care about you. They’ll know your name. And they’ll work with you individually to ensure you achieve the best education.
  • Academic Calendar: Our semesters are divided into two sections: a long (12-week) session during which you take a few classes, followed by a short (3-week) session, during which you take just one intensive class.
  • Writing Across the Curriculum: It doesn’t matter what career you choose, you need to know how to write. So Hiram ensures that its entire curriculum – every major and career track – develops and hones your writing ability. If your writing isn’t the best, we’ll help you improve. If your writing is already good, it will get even better.
  • Education that Works: Hiram’s education works, because you learn by doing. You won’t just read textbooks in the classroom. You’ll do real research. You’ll “intern” in various careers. You’ll connect with alumni and CEOs in the business world. You’ll have first-hand experience and connections before you even graduate.
  • International Experiences: Even though your home is overseas, you will want to participate in our study abroad program. Hiram’s faculty lead study trips to six continents. The curriculum is directed north, south, east, and west, providing a diverse array of courses to give you some new experiences in other countries and cultures.