Hiram College

Congratulations on your acceptance to Hiram College

We look forward to having you join us. (If you skipped forward to see what is ahead, no problem. Just don’t forget to go back and apply!)

There is much to do before arrival day and we are here to help. We will be contacting you regarding financial documents required for the Form I-20 and student visa, housing, course registration, and travel planning. In the meantime, you should begin to organize. The process is straightforward as you will see from the Enrollment Checklist. The pages in this section will aid you in your planning.

As you go through the process, let us know when you have questions. We look forward to assisting you!


(Mrs.) Nicole Gattrell
International Student Services
Email: interal@hiram.edu


(Mr.) Jeff Mongold
International Admission Counselor
Email: mongoldjw@hiram.edu


(Miss) Sofia Moreno Miller
International Admission Counselor
Email: morenosn@hiram.edu