Hiram College

2017-2018 Estimated Cost of Attendance for freshman/new transfer students is:

Tuition $32,700*
Comprehensive Fee $1,600
Room (double) $5,150
Meal Plan $5,140
Total $44,590

In addition to the above direct costs (things you will be directly billed for by Hiram College), students can expect to pay approximately $3,095 for books, supplies, travel and personal expenses.  These are considered indirect costs and are things you will pay for out-of-pocket.

A student’s state and federal aid and loan package may vary depending on family circumstances. State and federal financial aid is not reflected in the average figure above. Of course, these averages will vary. This information is provided for general information purposes only.

Tuition Guarantee Program

  • Hiram College has a Tuition Guarantee Program, which eliminates annual increases to tuition. Tuition for students enrolling at Hiram under the Tuition Guarantee will remain the same through the student’s fourth year.

2017-2018 estimated costs for returning upper-class students are as follows:

Tuition Comprehensive Fee
Sophomores $31,440* $1,600
Juniors $30,230* $1,600
Seniors $29,065* $1,600

Room and board costs for upper-class students are same as listed above.