Hiram College

Personalized learning for the home-schooled student

As a home-schooled student you are independent, dynamic and accustomed to forging your own educational path. You approach your studies in a manner that is exciting to you. Many home-schooled students find Hiram a great match for their college studies based on our shared educational values and culture of exploration learning. You will appreciate Hiram’s compatibly diverse student body who prioritize principles over parties, friendship over flash and quirkiness over conformity.

Experience a personalized approach

Our committed faculty and staff care deeply about helping students become their very best selves and we value a personalized approach to learning, much like you’ve experienced as a home-schooler. With our small classes, personalized faculty advising model and individualized degree programs, you’ll find Hiram to be a home away from home.

Student Academic Services will also create a nurturing environment for learning in a style that best resonates with you, including:

  • peer-tutoring
  • study groups
  • mentoring
  • study skills workshops

The value of experiential learning

Learning occurs everywhere on the Hiram campus – in and out of the classroom — and is woven into our culture here at Hiram. By design, we strive to create a future filled with strong critical thinkers, educators and leaders. Students also learn through participation in music, art, creative writing, athletics, one of our many study away courses or one of the numerous student-run social, recreational or service activities.

Ready to apply?

We understand that as a home-schooled student, your academic background and ambitions may be slightly different than other students. That’s why, in the admission process, we look at a cross section of information materials and graded work that reflect your academic preparation to determine your ability to be successful at Hiram.

The information and materials we ask you to submit include:

  • a transcript from a reputable homeschool correspondence/umbrella program, or a comprehensive list of academic coursework at the secondary level.
  • examples of any kind of work that best represent the range of your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.
  • a short narrative written by a person other than yourself who has guided and assessed your learning. This document is a description of your instruction, activities, and key outcomes in recent years, not a recommendation.
  • examples of your civic, social, extracurricular activities and achievements.

Hiram admissions counselors will review this material, along with your high school GPA (equivalent of 2.8 or above), letters of recommendation (from teachers, counselors, tutors, a scout leader, an athletic coach, etc.) and standardized test scores, such as ACT or SAT.

Need financial assistance?

Keep in mind we also support all incoming students by aiming to identify the most appropriate financial aid packages or scholarship opportunities.

The best way to get a feel for our small, rural campus is to visit. As a home-schooler, visiting will allow you to meet faculty, students and complete an interview with an admissions counselor.

Call the Office of Admission at 330.569.5169 to learn more. To submit an application, visit our First-Year Application page.