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Worried about student loan debt? Want to begin graduate school in short order or jump start your career? If so, Hiram College’s 3-year accelerated bachelor’s degree program is for you. This option allows you to get in, get focused, and get on to the next exciting phase of your life.

Hiram’s 3-year programs are completed in nine semesters– three fall semesters, three spring semesters and three summer semesters. Students can earn an undergraduate degree in three years and with our reduced summer tuition, save more than $25,000 off a 4-year degree. And if that is not enough, the Hiram College Tuition Guarantee ensures that tuition stays constant during all three years. This means there are no financial surprises; no trying to figure out future costs.

Graduating early means starting your career faster. According to CollegeScorecard, Hiram grads who enter the workforce earn an average income of $37,000 – so, after saving a year of tuition and entering the workforce a year earlier, your total financial advantage may be $63,000 or more.

Although challenging, the Hiram 3-year program won’t be all work and no play. Hiram students can find time to play a sport, join a club, and engage fully in campus life. Additionally, all Hiram students complete an internship, undertake a guided research project, or participate in a study abroad trip.

Choose from 15 degree programs:

3-Year Degrees Frequently Asked Questions