Hiram College


Create your own path

Books, professors, students, spaces—sure. Hiram has that. But that’s just the surface. Hiram is home for people with curious minds and passionate spirits. Want to make a difference and change the world for the better? Hiram lets you shatter societal norms and create your own path. At Hiram, the journey is yours.

Hiram offers you a choice of 29 majors and 38 minors to jumpstart your vision. Our campus is innovative, inclusive, resourceful, reflective, and real. Hiram has a committed faculty and staff who care deeply about helping students become their very best selves. This is just a part of the magic of Hiram.

  • Tech and Trek: The New Liberal Arts

    All full-time traditional students equipped with an iPad Pro for enhanced learning beyond the campus.

Helping you on your individual path

Hiram College is a community of students, faculty and alumni that continually challenge the status quo. Become your best self and grow through an immersion of deep discussions and hands-on learning in classrooms with an average size of just 10 students. You’ll quickly find yourself engaged in a personal, learning environment unlike any other!

An academic curriculum made for you

Do you want a typical college curriculum or one that allows your creativity and passion for learning and success to shine? At Hiram College, you’ll find we have a unique, flexible academic curriculum designed for your particular needs to help you stand out from the crowd.

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