Supply Chain Management Degree

Effective supply chain management can help businesses reduce cost, increase product and profit, and improve environmental sustainability within the workplace. With courses in business, forecasting and logistics, sourcing and operations, and economics, students pursuing our supply chain major near Youngstown, Cleveland, and Akron will enhance their written and oral communication, problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a variety of career paths in business, manufacturing, and management.

While the supply chain degree provides students with a comprehensive skill set in the field, it also allows ample time for foundational business courses imperative to their long-term success. Furthermore, students will learn within the context of a liberal arts education, preparing them to demonstrate written and verbal communication skills, as well as skills in problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking.

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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About Our Supply Chain Degree Near Cleveland

Program Summary

This supply chain major is offered through The Scarborough School of Business & Communication. Responding to a critical need in the labor market, the supply chain management major will provide students with comprehensive skills to improve product flow and streamline operational efficiency.

Through two capstones, one of an applied nature in supply chain management and another of a research nature in management, supply chain major students will prepare for careers in business and leadership opportunities in management. To accomplish this goal, we provide a strong ethical and analytical foundation through in-depth learning combined with a wide variety of practical experiences (on and off campus) to develop professional networks and relevant skills.

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Career Paths with a Supply Chain Degree

Students pursuing our supply chain management degree in northeast Ohio can prepare for careers in manufacturing, project management, supply chain management, or logistics. Some of the specific roles you may find yourself in include:

  • Supply coordinator
  • Purchasing agent
  • Operations manager
  • Planning and expediting specialist
  • Quality control manager
  • Distribution specialist

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Hiram’s entrepreneurship students are focused, bold and idea-driven. They fiercely pursue their passions with an entrepreneurial spirit. Inquisitive to their core, entrepreneurship minors take an active part in their education by focusing on their interests and taking risks. They become leaders, managers, product developers, marketers, and human resources professionals at well-established companies.

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Key Skills Vital for a Supply Chain Major Near Youngstown

Whether you are wondering if this northeast Ohio supply chain degree is the right fit for you, or if you are in our program and looking forward to what lies ahead, here are some skills you’ll want to develop that are essential to the supply chain management field.

  • Time management – In order to operate efficiently, you’ll want to develop or have a good sense of time management. With time management skills, you can order products at the right time and communicate with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Communication – Communication skills are vital to guaranteeing smooth collaboration and preventing any possible misunderstandings. These skills are also essential for successful negotiations.
  • Problem-solving – Strong problem-solving skills allow you to assess risks and implement the correct strategies to mitigate issues. Just like any job, unexpected challenges can arise in the supply chain field, and as a supply chain major candidate, it’s important that you develop the skills to be able to solve those challenges effectively.
  • Leadership – Leadership skills are as important in the supply chain field as in any other job. Some traits of these skills include the ability to set goals or objectives, motivate coworkers, manage teams, and communicate effectively.

Of course, the list goes on and on, as there are many qualities that make a successful employee in this field. Our program will prepare you to hone and embrace these skills to ensure you are set up for success after graduation.

Pursue Your Supply Chain Degree at Our College Near Akron and Cleveland

Centrally positioned between Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown, Hiram College stands out as a nationally acclaimed institution in Ohio. We’re known for our dedication to providing outstanding higher education and fostering the learning, growth, and success of our students.

By choosing our supply chain degree program, you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • A 10-1 student-to-faculty ratio for a more personable learning experience
  • A career development center dedicated to providing helpful resources for students
  • Numerous opportunities to extend your education through graduate programs and study abroad excursions

Obtain Your Northeast Ohio Supply Chain Management Degree Today

Are you ready to start earning your supply chain degree near Akron, Youngstown, and Cleveland? If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to contact our team.

Otherwise, if you are ready to start the process, apply to our program today!


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