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As a challenging interdisciplinary program, the sport management major equips students with skills in critical thinking, information analysis, ethical problem-solving, teamwork, and systems exploration. In our northeast Ohio sport management degree program, students will learn about the financial, managerial, sociological, historical, legal, and ethical aspects of sport management and then apply this to the real world. They  volunteer, intern, research, and participate in student clubs,  applying the concepts they learn in coursework to real-world situations they care about.


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Hiram’s undergraduate sport management program has been granted Candidacy Status by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), located in Fort Collins, CO, USA.

Consider Pairing Your Sport Management Degree

Students can complement their sport management degree program with other majors and minors. While the pairing is not limited to the following, popular choices include:

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About Our Sport Management Major

Program Summary

While students work toward earning their sport management degree in northeast Ohio, Hiram gives students a variety of opportunities to engage in meaningful experiences that teach additional skills outside of the classroom.

Close connections with Hiram College athletics allow our students to begin developing their professional skills on campus, while our positioning in northeast Ohio provides ample opportunities to further hone these skills with off-campus internships in professional, semi-professional, Division I collegiate, high school, and middle school athletics, in addition to local running events, sport and exercise facilities, and parks and recreation departments.

Hiram’s interdisciplinary curriculum for students pursuing their sport management degree is designed to create valuable problem solvers and leaders upon graduation.

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Career Paths

From the skills learned via classroom experiences to off-campus opportunities and internships, the goal is for our students to develop fully and find fulfilling roles in their desired fields. Examples of career paths that graduates of our Bachelor of Arts in sport management pursue include the following:

  • Sports Communication (TV/Radio, Journalism, Promotions, Publications, etc.) 
  • College Athletics (Athletic Director, Coach, Scout, Athletic Event Coordinator, etc.) 
  • Professional Sports (Major and Minor Leagues) 
  • Stadium and Arena Operations (Marketing Operations, General Manager, etc.) 
  • Parks and Recreation Centers (Recreation Supervisor, Recreation Therapist) 
  • Military (Basic Training Officer, Coach, Administration of Sport Programs, etc.) 
  • Consultant 
  • Entrepreneur 
Andrew Diaz De Padilla

ANDREW DIAZ DE PADILLA ’22 | Sport Management Major

“I loved getting to dive into my major headfirst. One of those courses was Introduction to Coaching, which solidified my career goals.”

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Master of Arts in Sport Management

Hiram’s online Master of Arts degree in Sport Management is a challenging, interdisciplinary program that prepares current and aspiring sport professionals to become innovative and thoughtful leaders in the athletic landscape.

Learn more about the program.

A Look at Hiram Beyond the Classroom

Hiram College is located in the village of Hiram, Ohio, which is central to Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown. These three cities provide our students with the ability to participate in a variety of off-campus activities, including fine dining, watching sporting events, shopping, visiting landmarks, and beyond.

Living at Hiram is engaging, educational, and affordable. We encourage students to explore their possibilities and become thoroughly prepared, good citizens of the world. Our private institution is a close-knit community aimed at fostering individualized engagement for all students during their academic endeavors in our program for sport management majors.

From on-campus living to organizations and clubs, Hiram College encourages an exciting lifestyle both in and out of the classroom. We have 30+ clubs and organizations ranging from pollical action to academic societies. Additionally, we offer a variety of leadership and service opportunities, along with intramural sports, to give each student the opportunity to find their home on campus.

Taking the Next Steps

If you are ready to begin your journey at Hiram College, be sure to start the application process.

To learn more about our sport management degree program in northeast Ohio, feel free to request information today!


Joanna Line

Jo Line, Ph.d.

Assistant Professor, Fieldwork and Partnerships Coordinator

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