Sociology Degree

Sociology is a scientific discipline — replete with theories, forms of data, and methods of analysis – that offers a systematic way of knowing the social worlds in which we and others live.

Sociology majors study the dynamics of social structures, institutions, people and the roles they play in society. Later, as sociologists, they will face the challenging task of analyzing and interpreting the social world while living in the midst of it. Hiram’s academic program is designed to provide sociology students with the critical disciplinary insights and research tools and techniques essential for investigating all aspects of the social world.

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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About the Program

Program Summary

Sociology majors at Hiram hone skills in critical thinking, analytic writing, applied analyses, oral communication, and in drawing connections between complex social phenomena and their own lives in context.

Because most sociology professions involve working with people, hands-on and volunteer work (in settings such as nursing homes, hospitals and other community organizations) is built into the curriculum. Students gain experience in the “science” of sociology by partnering with organizations like Summa Health System to collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of health programs. Each year, students also accompany faculty to conferences and symposiums to both present their own projects and network with professionals.

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Career Paths

  • Social Work 
  • Teaching 
  • Research 
  • Marketing 
  • Law 
  • Charity/non-profit work 
Mike Brickner

MIKE BRICKNER ’04 | Sociology/Anthropology Major

“Hiram taught me about the importance of us giving back, and advancing justice and freedom for all fills me with so much pride and joy.”

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Ways to Get involved

Students interested in sociology or psychology should consider a social work bachelor’s to master’s degree program at Hiram College and Case Western Reserve University.


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