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Public health efforts have been a major driver of human longevity and quality of life for the past 150 years. In the 21st century, public health will become an even more important field as we deal with the overlapping problems of climate change, food insecurity, water insecurity and pandemics. The public health major at Hiram College is designed to give students the background, skill set and experiences necessary to make a difference in the world through a career in public health.

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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About the Program

Program Summary

Public health majors take a common core of 7 courses that provide a broad background to problems addressed by public health and the skill set needed to address those problems. Each public health major chooses one of 3 concentrations (Biomedical, Environmental, or Psychosocial) in which they take 4 additional courses to acquire more expertise in particular areas of public health. Finally, each student puts their learning into an experiential context through a public health practicum and a public health capstone presentation.

The public health minor is comprised of 6 courses to provide a broad introduction to the components of public health and would complement virtually any major on campus.

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Career Paths

  • Epidemiologist 
  • Sanitarian 
  • City, County or State Public Health Officer 
  • Public Health Educator 
  • Public Health Policy Analyst or Consultant 

LAUREN BREWER ’22 | Public Health Major

“I want to have the ability to increase a community’s wellness with effective communication and outreach.”

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Ways to Get involved

The Office of Student Life offers several support functions, services, and opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds and to those interested in engaging in the backgrounds of others.

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Elizabeth Jacobs

Administrative Assistant to the School of Science and Technology and the School of Health, Education, Sustainability & Society

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