Integrative Exercise Science Degree

Our integrative exercise science major in Hiram, Ohio offers a curriculum that connects health and science with fitness and exercise. While pursuing the exercise science degree, students in the program will develop an in-depth understanding of: 

  • The movement of the body
  • How various systems of the body respond to exercise
  • Injury biomechanics and prevention
  • Nutrition and its role in disease prevention and sport performance
  • Exercise testing and prescription for athletic, healthy, and special populations (e.g., individuals with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.)

The goal of this program is to help students prepare for graduate school or a variety of job opportunities in clinical, private, athletic, educational, or corporate fitness settings.

100% success rate

Hiram College has maintained a 100% success rate of students getting accepted into various graduate school programs of physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, and exercise physiology.

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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In partnership with Youngstown State University, Hiram College is pleased to announce a new degree completion agreement that creates a seamless progression of academic courses from the Bachelor of Arts degree in integrative exercise science at Hiram College to the Master of Athletic Training Degree at Youngstown State University.

About the Program

Program Summary

The Hiram integrative exercise science degree focuses on incorporating a combination of experiential learning opportunities, theoretical study, and rigorous coursework in the sciences designed to give students the opportunities to successfully pursue careers within the rapidly growing field of exercise science.

The curricular aim is to stay abreast of innovative educational opportunities via scholarship, research, practical learning experiences, and technological applications. By the time students graduate with their exercise science degree from Hiram College, they will know how to conduct health and sports-related assessments, take measures for disease prevention, and prescribe physical activity or exercise interventions.

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Career Paths

Some of the career paths that students can pursue with their exercise science degree include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Physician assistant
  • Occupational therapy
  • Registered dietician
Alina Millie

ALINA MILLE ’18 | Integrative Exercise Science Major

“Hiram gave me the tools to learn how to be adaptable and manage my time. I feel like these are the two most important things in life in general, throughout college, and at my current work.”

Image: northeast Ohio exercise science degree

Ways to Get involved

Looking for a club or organization that is specific to the integrative exercise science major? If so, another way students can prepare for the future is to get involved on campus by joining the IES club and the health and wellness program. Students can also build their professional networks by joining the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Hiram College IES was the 2022 and 2023 Midwest American College of Sports Medicine Quiz Bowl Champions.

Why Choose Hiram College for Your Exercise Science Degree in Northeast Ohio

Located in the village of Hiram, Ohio, which is central to Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron, Hiram College is home to a vast array of off-campus activities for students, such as enjoying fine dining, attending lively concerts and sporting events, and much more.

Alongside our convenient location, Hiram College is home to a wide range of programs for students, including our integrative exercise science major. With approximately 33 majors and 37 minors to choose from, students are able to tailor their degree to coincide with their passions, aspirations, and future career field.

Students who choose to pursue their Hiram, Ohio exercise science degree will have numerous opportunities to expand their skill set while attending our distinguished university. While pursuing your degree with us, you are qualified to participate in various internships and field work terms if you are looking for hands-on experience in the field before graduation. Additionally, students are also encouraged to join one of our 30+ clubs, as well as expand their studies through various study abroad opportunities.

For more information regarding the benefits of pursuing your integrative exercise science major in northeast Ohio, please visit our about page.


Elizabeth Jacobs

Elizabeth Jacobs

Administrative Assistant to the School of Science and Technology and the School of Health, Education, Sustainability & Society

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