Film Studies

The film studies minor teaches students about the history, interpretation, and creation of film as an art form that enables personal and cultural expression, as well as a documentary form that allows people to comment on the world around them.

Undergraduate Minor

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About the Program

Program Summary

Students will learn the history of filmmaking, the techniques of film analysis, and the process of filmmaking, among other valuable skills. Therefore, film studies minors think critically about films they encounter in the world and become active, rather than passive, consumers. They share a calling to visually explore their interests, and express their ideas and unique take on the world through capturing time.

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Career Paths

  • Film and Television Production
  • Assignment Editor
  • Social Media Producer
  • Film Publicist
  • Film Analyst 
  • Critic
Malakai Nation

MALAKAI NATION ’25 | Performing Arts Major

“I enjoy being able to freely express my creativity and make film or art. Performing arts is something that caught my interest as a kid, and when I found that Hiram offered it as a major, I knew I needed to pursue it.”

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Ways to Get involved

The Media Center also has a green screen, cameras, and audio devices for rent. The Mac Lab inside the Media Center comes fully equipped with iMac 7.1 computers, each including editing software for our film students.

Students meet with artists from across the country in the Gelbke Art Gallery, learning how to hang shows, produce different varieties of works, and host gallery openings. Each year, Hiram College also displays the Annual Juried Student Art Show in this gallery.


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