The ethics minor is designed to enhance each student’s education by enhancing their awareness of ethical issues and by connecting their awareness to opportunities for action. The ethics minor enriches a student’s major by helping develop tools needed to identify and analyze ethical themes.

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About the Program

Program Summary

The minor in ethics is designed, as Barry Lopez says, to help one decide who they are and what there is in life for them to do. It asks this question: “Given the parameters of this discipline, how should I live? How should I act in my world?”

Almost all disciplines taught have ethical components.

  • Some of them are built into the professions they represent (psychology).
  • Some of them reflect important trends in contemporary America (medical ethics).
  • Some of them are the result of long-term reflection on the institutions that direct our culture (economic or political, for example).
  • Some of them reflect on culture and character (art, literature).

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Career Paths

  • Criminologist
  • Political Scientist
  • Medical Researcher
  • Engineer
  • College Professor
  • Healthcare Professional
Emily Smerchansky

EMILY SMERCHANSKY ‘13 | Psychology Major

“Hiram’s curriculum for psychology set me up to succeed in my master’s program with ease.”

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