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Hiram College was a pioneer in environmental studies, now one of the fastest-growing undergraduate programs in the United States. Located in Hiram, Ohio, our Ohio environmental studies degree continues to be a leader and innovator in this field. Because of our convenient location, we are proud to provide higher education for potential students in cities surrounding Hiram, including Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown, Ohio.  

Students who pursue an environmental studies major at Hiram are diverse in their interests and experiences, but share an underlying desire to help solve problems and change the world. 

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

  • School of Education, Civic Leadership and Social Change 
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About the Program

Program Summary

The northeast Ohio environmental studies degree program examines natural and human systems and how they interact to shape societies, communities, and individual lives. Students in this program acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to understand socio-environmental issues, excel as professionals, and become effective systems-thinkers, problem-solvers, and agents of positive change. 

Image: Environmental studies major in northeast Ohio

Career Paths with an Environmental Studies Degree

  • Government agencies 
  • Environmental management 
  • Ecology 
  • Law 
  • Wildlife management 
  • Environmental education 
  • Environment and public policy
  • Nonprofits
Danae Wolfe

DANAE WOLFE ‘09 | Environmental Studies Major

“The beauty of the liberal arts degree is your ability to explore many areas of interest before taking a deeper dive into your major and minor areas of study. Embrace the unknown, and don’t be afraid to explore what interests you!”

Image: Environmental studies major in northeast Ohio

Ways to Get involved

Hiram College has two field stations. Less than three miles from campus, the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station is an active research and educational facility. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we have a beautiful camp called the Northwoods Field Station.

Why Choose Hiram College for Your Environmental Studies Major?

Some of the benefits of selecting us for your Ohio environmental studies degree include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

  • 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio – With smaller class sizes, students are able to foster memorable and beneficial relationships with their professors, thus receiving an unmatched level of engagement and networking resources.
  • A wide range of majors and minors to choose from – Hiram offers 33 majors and 37 minors, allowing students to mix-and-match their degrees to tailor them to their desires.
  • Opportunities for internships and field work terms – Hiram provides numerous internships and field work term programs for students looking for hands-on experience before pursuing a career in their chosen field.
  • Employment opportunity beyond graduation – Environmental studies majors in Ohio have a great chance of getting a job upon graduation. According to our most recent statistics, we have been able to maintain a 95% employment rate among Hiram alumni.
  • Campus life and ways to get involved – With a beautiful campus just a short drive to and from Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron, Hiram, Ohio is the ideal choice for northeast Ohio students looking for campus involvement and extracurriculars while they work toward their environmental studies degree.
  • Off-campus studies – Students who are wanting to expand on their studies can choose to study abroad through the university, with options found in numerous locations spanning six continents. 

For more information regarding Hiram College and the benefits of our northeast Ohio environmental studies degree program, please visit our about page.


Michael Benedict

Michael Benedict, Ph.D.

Conservation Director and Interim Director of the James H. Barrow Field Station and Northwoods Field Station, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

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