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Hiram’s small, discussion-focused classes foster a tight-knit community of English majors in northeast Ohio, providing ample opportunity to hone interpretation and communication skills. The close relationship between Hiram’s English students and professors challenges students to relentlessly pursue creativity and their calling.

The program is rooted in five focused skill areas:

  • Intensive Research Skills
  • Expansive Analysis and Interpretation
  • Writing Technique-Building
  • Close Reading Competency
  • Oral Communication Practice

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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About Our Northeast Ohio English Major

Program Summary

The English program at Hiram College offers students exciting opportunities to distinguish themselves and develop professional experience and expertise while still undergraduates. Students work closely with faculty mentors to identify programs and experiences that will connect most directly with their own interests and goals.

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Career Paths

  • Editor
  • Technical writer
  • Communications officer
  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer
  • Grant writer 
  • Copywriter
  • English professor
Lina Ross

LINA ROSS ’26 | English Major

“Hiram has definitely given me some excellent ideas as to how I can utilize my degree in the next step forward in my career.”

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Ways to Get involved

Hiram College’s strongest writers are invited to work as Writing Assistants in the Hiram College Writing Center and the First-Year Program. As trained writing tutors, these students work closely with students and faculty members on improving writing across campus.

The Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature offers many opportunities for students, including contests in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, which recognize the best student-crafted creative writing.

What Skills Will I Learn as an English Major?

  • Intensive research skills – As students navigate through courses while obtaining their English degree, they’ll learn to conduct intensive research. These skills are important, as they equip students to gather information and critically analyze it.
  • Expansive analysis and interpretation – Our northeast Ohio English majors will develop both analysis and interpretation skills through the degree’s coursework. These skills will teach them to draw meaningful conclusions from information that they’ve received. In-depth analysis and interpretation requires English majors to critically think and hone data interpretation skills.
  • Writing technique-building – Students will learn to improve writing proficiency and communication as they hone writing technique skills. Some of the aspects students will learn to improve in this process will include grammar and language, organization and structure, editing and proofreading, and creative expression.
  • Close reading competency – Close reading competency skills will allow students to meticulously analyze and understand reading material.
  • Oral communication practice – Oral communication skills will teach English majors to accurately and effectively convey information to their audience.

Benefits of Obtaining Your English Degree in Northeast Ohio

Earning an English degree is accompanied by a range of benefits:

  • Communication skills – Earning an English degree in northeast Ohio will sharpen reading, writing, and communication skills which will be applicable across diverse fields post-graduation.
  • Research skills – As English majors, our students will learn invaluable research skills. These skills will teach them to conduct thorough research and analyze information, contributing to effective, factual, and accurate writing.
  • Writing and editing skills – Developing writing and editing skills is an inherent aspect of earning an English degree. Throughout the process of earning their degree, students will continually sharpen writing and editing skills that are crucial to any industry.

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Jeff Swenson

Jeff Swenson, Ph.D.

Interim VP of Academic and Student Affairs and Dean of the College, Professor of English

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