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Students interested in drawing, painting, photography, film, or design, can explore their passions through Hiram’s art and design major. Within this major, students will be challenged in their disciplines and will become well-rounded creative thinkers and visual problem solvers.

Hiram’s art and design majors are clever and imaginative. They share a calling to visually explore their interests, and express their ideas and unique take on the world. They are inquisitive and eager to find connections among their many passions.

4-Year Undergraduate Degree

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About Our Northeast Ohio Art and Design Degree

Art and Design Major Program Summary

All majors begin with taking a core set of design and history courses that develop technical, formal, and conceptual skills. Students then have the opportunity to specialize in one of three pathways: studio art, photography/film, or digital design studies.

Students pursuing an art and design degree will produce a body of visual work that expresses an original statement on a single idea or concept. This work will demonstrate an understanding of the creative process and an awareness of contemporary issues, art history, ideas from other disciplines, and/or aspects of personal experience.

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Career Paths with an Art and Design Degree

  • Animators
  • Art consultants
  • Fashion designers
  • Web developers
  • Digital designers
  • Interior design
Reece Ziegler

REECE ZEIGLER ‘24 | Art and Design Major

“My job [on campus] has helped me improve my work and it has given me an opportunity to work on my craft while getting real-world experience.”

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Ways to Get involved

Not only do we want to see students learn and grow through our northeast Ohio art and design major, but we encourage them to have firsthand experiences that will further connect them with their area of study.

Students meet with artists from across the country in the Gelbke Art Gallery, learning how to hang shows, produce different varieties of works, and host gallery openings. Each year, Hiram College also displays the Annual Juried Student Art Show in this gallery.

Hiram offers a wide variety of student organizations that students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in. Those pursuing an art and design degree may be interested in joining our Overbooked, Photography, and Writers in Residence clubs.

Choose Hiram College for Your Art and Design Major

Hiram College, centrally located between Akron, Youngstown, and Cleveland, is an exceptional option to receive your art and design degree in northeast Ohio. Not only are we a nationally recognized college in Ohio known for excellence, but our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students learn, grow, and succeed.

Looking for a lovely and engaging campus? Our grounds consist of 110-acres that are lined with redbrick buildings, offering beauty and serene surroundings. Plus, with our campus being situated between three amazing cities, students have the opportunity to explore life outside of school in those thriving neighboring areas.

Also, when you’re a part of our art and design major, you will find that Hiram College can provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a career after graduation. Specifically, our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows students to build meaningful relationships with their professors, while enhancing the learning environment.

Hiram’s Offerings in Addition to an Art and Design Degree

Here at Hiram, we understand the need for a healthy school and life balance. With that being said, we offer a variety of extracurriculars that allow students to further their knowledge outside of their art and design major so they can explore other interests. In addition to extracurriculars, we have additional offerings for continued education, including:

  • Graduate programs and study abroad programs
  • 25+ registered clubs and organizations
  • Student academic services including advising, emerging scholars, learning technologies, tutoring, and a writing center

Contact Us to Start Your Northeast Ohio Art and Design Major Today

Are you ready to start life at Hiram and pursue a northeast Ohio art and design degree? We are the premier destination for receiving an excellent education and preparing for a successful career following graduation.

If you have questions regarding our art and design major, application process, or campus life, contact our admission team today!


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